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Road Traffic Accidents

We have the experience to represent a claimant or a defendant in any Road Traffic Accident case including collisions between cars, car and a pedestrian, car and a bike or car and a motorcycle etc.

Our advocates are specialists in quantification of damages and they we will do their best for you to receive the highest possible damages for any losses you might have suffered.

We undertake all types of cases in relation to road traffic accidents either to represent a claimant or a defendant as your case may be.

We have the skills to handle a case of ‘hit and run’ accident, or accident with an uninsured driver, ‘rear end shunt’ cases, collisions in the center of the road, negligent driving, ‘traffic light’ accident cases and ‘road rage’ accidents.

This covers a case where a pedestrian walks unexpectedly into the road and he/she is hit by a car.

Public Highway
Equally, we undertake cases where an accident occurs in the public highway where the condition of the highway was dangerous for traffic and have caused or contributed to the accident.

Insurance Law

In addition, our firm has also a wealth of expertise in Insurance law. Insurance Policies are contracts made under utmost good faith (uberrimae fidei). Insurance Companies can refuse to cover an insured, even when the Insured has failed in good faith to disclose a fact or information at the Insurance Policy Proposal stage. Legal advice is necessary before signing an Insurance Policy, as well as post-signing and before commencing proceedings against the Insurance Company to claim damages.

In circumstance the Insurance Company's refuses to cover your damages at all or inadequately, you have need to consider whether you will commence proceedings or not. Our law firm has the expertise to provide you with the best possible advice in all aspects of Insurance law.