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Dispute Resolution in Oil and Gas Contracting

Various types of disputes arise on every business segment in the value chain of the oil and gas industry; engineering and construction disputes, contract performance, material and equipment disputes, cost overruns, injuries and fatalities, insurance claims, employment issues, offshore and onshore pollution. Oil and gas industry players want things to go fast, efficient and inconspicuously. This, in combination with the distinctive nature of the oil and gas industry and the complexities created in dispute resolution of oil and gas contracting, makes the area even more sophisticated. A.I. Kitsios LLC Energy Department, can provide you with a clear-cut advice and/or represent you and handle with success any issue that may arise.

Advice and/or representation before Litigation and any Dispute Resolution Process

We provide advice in various Oil and Gas Disputes and/or represent clients before domestic and cross-border litigation and any other dispute resolution process including Mediation, Expert Determination and International Arbitration (ICC, LCIA, ICSID, etc.) and the consensual Negotiation.

Recognition and Enforcement

The resolution of a dispute is not in practice the end, or the solution to the real problem. A winning party may hold a judgment or an arbitral award which, until its enforcement and execution in the jurisdiction where the other party has its assets, has no practical effect. Quick and cautious steps need to be taken to enforce and execute such a judgment or an award as the case may be, to avoid turning it into a 'piece of paper' without practical importance.

Hence, following an oil and gas dispute resolution, enforcement of both domestic and foreign negotiated outcomes, expert determinations, arbitral awards and judgments come into play. We have the expertise to advise and represent you on any issue regarding the enforcement and execution of negotiated outcomes, expert determinations, arbitral awards and judgments in Cyprus, either domestic or foreign.

Dispute Resolution Agreements

A dispute resolution clause in oil and gas agreements is a far more complicated clause than a layman thinks it to be and its importance should never be underestimated. Drafting such clauses especially in oil and gas agreements, is an exceptionally sophisticated practice. Hence, an expert in the area, is required to put on its best efforts and expertise to draft an ideal clause.

While drafting a dispute resolution clause, a drafter has to consider thousands of issues before using every single word, ranging from the type of the contract is working on, the type of dispute that may arise (state to state, state to company, company to company or individual to company –employment disputes-) to foreign jurisdiction issues -the rules, statutes and case law in the area and enforcement mechanisms in place.

A poorly drafted dispute resolution clause in practice, creates further disputes between the parties and potentially dangers that cannot be predicted even by the most experienced lawyers in the area, which may ultimately cause irreparable catastrophic damages to the contracting parties.

We have the expertise to combine commercial and legal considerations in order to draft as far as possible an ideal dispute resolution clause which form an integral part of oil and gas contracts.



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