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International Network of Law Firms
Established in 1984

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A.I. Kitsios LLC is part of the Interlegal Network, one of the longest established and most experienced international legal networks and it provides its clients with high quality legal services around the world.




About the Interlegal Network

Made up of independent commercial law firms in over
30 countries, Interlegal is an attractive and accountable
alternative to a large international firm or to firms with
offices in no more than one specific jurisdiction. We
counsel a diverse clientele, from large public
corporations and public authorities to small businesses
and individuals, offering clients a full range of corporate
legal services, complemented by knowledge of business,
customs and local culture within each country.

Interlegal`s core aim is to provide its clients with ready access to high quality legal advice from firms with local knowledge to help them in their international and cross border transactions. The range of services offered by firms in the Interlegal network is comprehensive with many areas of specialist expertise.

For clients facing the challenges of international transactions, commerce or cross border disputes, Interlegal firms offer quality legal advice at competitive cost – we do not follow a recipe or a one-size fits all approach.

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