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Shelf Company

In order to better and timely serve our clients, we have ready-made companies already registered at the Companies Registrar.

What is a shelf company?

Shelf Company is a company registered at the Companies Registrar, with no trading history, clean background and without debts. If you decide to buy such a company, then it is necessary to change the name of the company, substitute Director/s, the company’s registered office address, and possibly the Articles of Association etc.

A right choice?

The advantage of such a company is that it is the quickest and cheapest method to form and operate a company. Whether a shelf company will be suitable for you depends on various facts. For example, time, drafting of very complicated articles and necessity to change numerous entries (apart from director substitution, change of name and change of registered address), then a company from scratch may be a more suitable way because for shelf companies, the more changes you do the higher the costs will be.

Even though it is your choice whether to buy a shelf-company or incorporate a company from scratch, we are here to suggest for you the best, suitable and practical choice followed by a thorough analysis of the reasons of our suggestion.

You want to buy a shelf company now?

If you have any question or you want to buy a shelf company please drop an email to with the details of your request or call 00357-25361080.

Note: In case you decide to buy a shelf company you have to pass the money laundering test in place.