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Why Cyprus

Formation of a company in Cyprus is a smart, strategic and tax efficient choice. For further information and advice you may need, please contact us. Please note that the following information does not constitute an advice.


  • Strategic location - crossroad in between three continents
  • Opportunity for international tax planning
  • Flexible legislation, Common Law Regime similar to English law
  • Credible justice system and high-quality of skilled professional workers
  • Business-friendly and attractive corporate characteristics

Attractive and Stable Tax Regime

  • It offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the low flat corporate tax of 12,5 per cent, one of the lowest corporate taxes in European Union
  • No tax on re-organisations, mergers and acquisitions within group of companies, neither on cross-border mergers where a Cyprus company de-registers from the Cyprus Companies Registrar and registers in another jurisdiction
  • No Income tax on dividends a Cyprus resident Company receives from another Cyprus company (Group)
  • No withholding Tax on dividends and interest paid to a non-Cyprus resident corporation
  • No income or capital gains tax on securities
  • Favourable taxation on profit deriving from intellectual property
  • Corporate losses are carried forward and/or exempt from another company part of the group
  • No thin capitalisation rules
  • Progressive Personal Income Taxation (0-19,500 EUR nil tax, 19,501 EUR- 28,000 EUR is 20 per cent, 28,001 EUR - 36,300 EUR is 25 per cent, 36,301 EUR - 60,000 EUR is 30 per cent and 60,001 and over is 35 per cent)
  • Fixed annual fee of 350 EUR on companies registered in Cyprus

International Network and Memberships

  • It has an established double tax treaty network with around 45 double tax avoidance treaties offering, among others, extensive tax exemption
  • Member of the OECD
  • Member of the European Union (Directives on Mergers, Parent/Subsidiary relationship and on Interests and Royalties
  • Member of the UN